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Nanno-tech solution

CHEMWILL nanotech R&D is distinguished by the rigorous pursuit of nanotechnology and the integration of existing technologies with nanotech advances. The company uses this progress to take maximum advantage of dramatic performance improvements, the exhibition of new functions and other “nano effects” in rising to the challenges of “basic materials innovation” and “advanced materials and process design.” There is a tendency for attention to concentrate on carbon nano-tubes and other “advanced materials and process creation”

Nano (nm) refers to the one-billionth (10-9m) of a meter dimension. As a concrete example, reducing the earth to one-billionth of its actual size would leave the equivalent of a marble a mere 12mm in diameter. CHEMWILL's leading-edge research is spawning a steady stream of groundbreaking materials originating from this nano world.

Challenging the nano-scale world,in the quest to forge new values from core technologies!

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